Friday, January 2, 2015

A New Year Brings New Tidings!

Hello World!

I apologize for my abrupt disappearance after only a few months of posting last year but I was in the midst of planning my wedding with my lovely wife. We were married last September and are doing well! That being said, and now that all of the holiday busyness has died down, it's time to get back to the blog.

In general the things that I write about will be the same i.e. board games, painting, crowdfunding etc. I will also be adding role-playing to my list of things to write about and all of the interesting things there. What will be changing is the frequency with which I post. Instead of posting 5 times a week, to begin the year, I am going to post 1 time a week and if I get faster at writing these, then perhaps I will ramp it up later on. All I know is that last year 5 times a week was way too much for me to keep up with and really feel like I was doing a good job.

So, that being said, this is of course the first post of the first "week" in the new year! I will have another after the weekend regarding my current Ars Magica 5th edition game that I am planning an event for. I will be discussing the genesis of the idea, the logistics and what I am hoping will come from it.

For now fellow compatriots in geekdom, fare thee well!