Monday, March 24, 2014

Things that Make you Want to Fund


It is another Monday morning here in the center of the US and another day of zany weather. Cold and clear currently after last week's 70 degree days. It's no wonder I came down with a nasty cold that pretty much had me laying in bed all weekend. I am back up and feeling better though and ready to let you guys know what I found on Kickstarter that seems to be interesting.

In this week's installment I moved a little bit away from just games and am beginning to explore the gaming paraphernalia like plans for folding gaming table, miniature war game scenery and a new game. So, without further adieu, let's get to it!

The New


Join the Dream

The Game of Your Dreams - FUNDED! - 17 Days to Go

Four years ago a movie hit the screens called Inception. Featuring Leonardo DiCapprio in the lead role it was about a crew of individuals who were thieves in the most unexpected sense. They would break into people's subconscious and steal thoughts, ideas, blueprints and any thing else that that unknown part of the brain can hold. The majority of the plot revolved around an idea called Inception. This idea had the mind thieves planting an idea, not stealing or taking an idea. This was a difficult and often impossible task as the idea would need to seem natural to the target, as if they were the one that came up with it. Inceptor is a game where you get to play this type of scenario out.

In the game you have to move from dream level to dream level attempting to meet the goals of your mission by accruing a certain number of cards in the following categories:

Architect: a detailed, realistic environment must be created
Forger: authentic characters need to be involved
Extractor: secret information has to be retrieved
Inception: the main idea must be carried out completely

While you are going about trying to fulfill your goals in these categories you may be attacked by the mark's mind as it becomes aware of your attempted manipulations. Finally, once your goal is complete you have a limited amount of time to return to the first dream level for the Final Kick, or the time when you wake up. If you fail, you may be sent into limbo, something akin to a Coma thus severely reducing your victory point total.

I was a fan of the movie and this game seems as though it will capture that same kind of mind-bending dream running atmosphere quite nicely.

6mm Sci Fi Wargaming Buildings

Multi-part resin models - FUNDED! - 16 Days to Go
I am a fan of playing miniature wargames and possibly an even bigger fan of good quality wargames scenery. These models that will be created by Wasteland Game Studio look absolutely stunning. The Gothic details and variety of structures present in this kickstarter is absolutely awesome. The only draw backs that I can see are that they are all resin, which can be brittle or lose detail at times and that they are scaled for 6mm figures. I am not sure if I know of any 6mm sci fi games off the top of my head but having these buildings in the collection just to show off and paint would be pretty worthwhile as well.

Folding Game Table

Folding game table for general gaming - FUNDED! - 29 Days to Go

I don't know about you guys but I am always looked for a way to increase my gaming real estate in ways that don't sacrifice my house floor plan. Enter this beauty. It is a folding table that can roll to an out of the way location. The table folds up, like an old school chalk board so that its floor profile is reduced to a minimum and also allows you to post campaign maps and things on it. The cost for the plans is only 15 bucks and then you too can have one of these fancy tables. I think that it could well be worth it.

The Old

Here is the status of the games and things that I have mentioned before in this crowd funding series. For more information on these, please refer back to one of the older posts.

London 1888 - 7,003 of 20,000 - 8 Days to Go
Totally Medieval - 845 of 5,500 - 40 Days to Go
Game Devloperz - FUNDED! - 11 Days to Go
Counterblast - FUNDED! - Kickstarter closed. This will fall off of the list next week. Those that backed, congrats!
Guild Ball FUNDED! - Kickstarter closed. This will fall off of the list next week. Those that backed, congrats!
Dulega - 5,229 of 10,000 - 4 days to Go
Cave Escape - FUNDED! - 5 Days to Go
King's Favor - 3,993 of 40,000 - 5 Days to Go
Baseball Highlights 2045 - FUNDED! - 10 Days to Go
Epic Resort - FUNDED! - 13 Days to Go
Kingdom Bots - 10,275 of 60,000 - 10 Days to Go
Crone - FUNDED! - 20 Days to Go

The End

Welp, that wraps things up for this week's edition of the Crowdfunding info. We'll see what the coming week brings as we move forward.

Thanks and take care!