Friday, March 7, 2014

Friday Morning News Reel!

Greetings and good afternoon to you all!

All I can say is thank goodness it is Friday. I am ready to head into this weekend and relax with a vengeance. Ready to get some painting done and play some games so that I can come back next week ready to write it all up and share with you guys!

That being said, here's what I've found to be interesting in board game news lately:

Board Game Stores Thrive

The article below is one that I have always suspected would be true but never had any proof. In the face of society's continuing digitization more and more people are looking for anti-tech ways of relaxing. Many of these people are turning to the old past time of board games. A board game now a days though looks much different than it did 10 to 20 years ago by offering a deeper level of strategic and tactical play and addressing themes that are specifically geared to adults. In the face of this prolonged upsurge in board game interest, the friendly local game stores are doing quite well by offering free places to play as well as a selection of house board games for free play. Here's to board games and non-digital socialization!

Friendly Local Game Store

Creating a Board Game

I have always thought it would be fun to create a board game and the following article details a studios attempts to create one from scratch using their spare time. It seems to fall in line with how I thought things would work but is certainly interesting to see how the process works. I can agree that in the end it would certainly be a labor of love.

Labor of Love

Board Games Help Kids Develop Skills

This is something that all of us have already assumed but now, it seems to be getting some press. It is nice to see this kind of information making its way into the media as all I ever hear about is how video games are so good for kids or so bad for kids. Board games don't get much news on how good or bad they are or how they can be used as teaching tools for people.

Board Games and Kids

Teach Your Child to Program

This game below is one of the most well funded board games in the history of kickstarter and aims to help your children learn the basics of programming. The parents represent a item that needs to be directed to a final point and the child has to lay down cards with directional arrows that tell the parent how they should move to achieve the end result. Not only does it do a role reversal mechanic with the child directing the parent but it also teaches raw logic skills that can be applied across the board in life. Sign me up!

Programming Board Game

That's it for the week folks! I will be taking the weekend off, as usual but will be back on Monday. Until then, Game On!