Monday, March 17, 2014

Monday Morning Crowd Funding Episode 3


Happy Monday to all and I hope that you all had a great weekend! Mine was excellent despite the sudden blast of cold air and precipitation we received on Sunday. I got a lot of walking in, which is always excellent, and also got to play my first solo game of the Lord of the Rings LCG. I will be discussing this in my session report this week so stay tuned. For now though, let's talk crowd funding games. I have a few more that I have found interesting, one that I am going to plug for personal reasons, and updates on those that have come before. So, as always, let's get to it!

The New

Baseball Sim Game - FUNDED! - 17 Days to Go

I am a HUGE baseball fan. I still remember the first baseball game I ever went to. It was the St. Louis Cardinals versus the Los Angeles Dodgers sometime in the early 90s at the old Busch Stadium. My dad and I went and I was only about 11 or 12. I was in absolute awe when I walked in the stadium. It was huge and there were people everywhere and I felt like I was a part of something so much bigger than myself. It was at that point that I truly fell in love with the game. We ended up winning the game but not before Darryl Strawberry had blasted a home run off of one of our relievers. I saw that later on the TV as a highlight.
That concept, the baseball highlight is where this game picks up. Set in the not too distant future when baseball has allowed the introductions of cybernetic arms and robots that can hit, this game itches not only the baseball itch but the sci-fi as well. Each player faces off against one another and plays a series of mini-games, exchanges of about 5 or 6 cards which represent the "highlight reel" of the entire game. Who ever wins these mini-games, wins the game. Then, the players draft new players and play again. This repeats typically 4 times I believe and then who ever has the best record wins. I highly recommend that everyone check this one out. Baseball Highlights 2045

Fantasy Resort Management - 19, 267 of 20,000 dollars - 20 Days To Go

In Epic Resort: Enjoy Your Slaycation, you take the part of the ever entrepreneurial vacation resort owner. You are responsible for raising money, managing your reputation and attracting heroes to the confines of your lovely island paradise. They are needed because your resort is occasionally attacked by various monsters and there are only 3 outcomes to this; you send the heroes to handle it, you let the monsters eat your normal guests or you thrown the monster a lazy peon. Part humor and part builder, the game certainly looks interesting enough to take a peak at. Epic Resort: Enjoy Your Slaycation

Kingdom Bots

Robot on Robot Warfare - 9,569 of 60,000 Canadian Dollars - 17 Days to Go

This is a game that was mentioned in one of the articles that I posted about a week or so ago. I have finally had a chance to take a look and I have to admit, it looks entertaining. In a world where humans have been defeated by Robots, they have nothing left to ally against, so they turn on one another. Robot wars are sparked across all of the lands and you are one of the Robot Clan's leaders. It is your job to lea your robots to victory by conquering the lands on a very Risk-esque board using your deck of cards, dice rolling skills and excellent economy management skills. The art work looks fantastic on this game and the idea of Robot on Robot combat should make most sci-fi folks take a quick peak. Kingdom Bots

The Personal

Combat card based RPG - FUNDED! 1,991 dollars - 27 Days to Go

Crone is a role game where the player characters each play the part of a witch of immense power. Normal foes are not a challenge for them so their stories tend to revolve around eliminating giants, dragons and various other large and nasty things from folklore. The bigger the challenge, the better it will fit into the Crone Universe. 

The game uses a card based combat system instead of your traditional dice roll fest. By managing your cards you are capable of delivering crushing blows to your foes with ease allowing you to spend more time describing the cinematic nature of your attack. Also, the cards allow each player to create combos with one another. Need an ability to work in a pinch but failure will lead to party wipe? A different Crone may have an ability that allows yours to automatically succeed allowing you to deliver your desired affect. The card system seems streamlined and innovative allowing combat to flow much easier than many, more traditional dice based combat systems.

The personal note on this one is that I have been selected to write a piece of lore for the game itself. The way that the lore and extra modules will enter the Kickstarter is through various stretch goals. So, if you want to see a piece of lore written by yours truly in the game above, the Kickstarter has to hit the 11,500 mark in order for my work to be eligible. That being said, I would greatly appreciate if you simply took a look at the game and, if you like it, send some money over to the team at Crone. If it isn't your cup of tea, that's cool too. Crone: Card Based RPG

The Old

Here are updates on previous games mentioned in this series. Info on these can be found at one of the following two locations: Episode 1 Episode 2

Greed - FUNDED! - Kickstarter closed. This will fall off of the list next week. Those that backed, congrats!
London 1888 - 6,520 of 20,000 - 15 Days to Go
Totally Medieval - 675 of 5,500 - 47 Days to Go
Game Devloperz - FUNDED! - 18 Days to Go
Counterblast - FUNDED! - 4 Days to Go
Guild Ball - FUNDED! - 5 Days to Go
Dulega - 4,627 of 10,000 - 11 days to Go
Cave Escape - FUNDED! - 12 Days to Go
King's Favor - 3,803 of 40,000 - 12 Days to Go

The End

Next week I'll have more games from the world of the Crowdsource as well as updates on these and all previous titles. Be sure to check out the games above and back if you like them. Also, be sure to check out the poll on the right hand side of the page where we will ponder if Croudsource games are helping or hurting the gaming community with simple yes or no answers. Also feel free to sound off in an expanded form in the comments section below.