Friday, March 14, 2014

Friday, March 14 2014 News Reel!


I am certainly glad that today is Friday! Looking forward to getting some game on this coming Sunday and getting some more painting done as well. Those Orc Boyz are really starting to come into their own. But today let's focus on what is going on in the news regarding our favored hobbies.

Rulebook Editing as a Profession

Lagoon: Land of Druids, which Yearsley is editing the rulebook for. (Photo: David Chott)
This is an interesting article about a post grad student who used his degree knowledge, science, to work himself into a position to edit rule books for one of his passions, board games. If you have read my Review Criteria then you know how much it means to me that a game come with a clear and concise set of rules. I feel like most game companies overlook this part of their production value and just trust those hardcore gamers that will muddle through any poorly put together set of rules to play a new game. Grats to this guy for performing a very vital service to this wonderful industry.

Game About Dinosaurs Taking over the Prehistoric World?!

What up T Rex?!
Yes Please! In this interesting game you play as a herd of dinosaurs pre 65 million years ago. Your job as the head of these dino followers is to build your herd and spread out into the different environments before you. If the other players are encroaching on your territory you can unleash your very own T Rex on them or send a pack of Raptors to demolish them. Sounds like my kind of game!

Walking Dead Prison Game

Who doesn't love Walking Dead? This is a new game based on the original that was put out 2011 with the same general mechanics from what I can understand. The only difference seems to be that play revolves around the North Atlanta area and the claustrophobic prison. Who wouldn't want to go in, guns blazing, in an effort to clear out a zombie infested prison? Anyone? Hello?

Angry Birds Moving in a Positive Direction with RPG Elements

The Next Angry Birds Is A Turn-Based Role-Playing Game. What?

Angry Birds is one of the most well known smart phone and tablet apps in existence. The creators have grown their baby into a huge gaming and marketing beast that covers all kinds of product types from toys to clothes and on and on. Now, it looks like Angry Birds is going to be growing with the generation of youngsters that it amazed. They are putting out the next game as an RPG where the Birds will go on quests and craft items to use in battle. It looks very Final Fantasy-esque with what looks like turn based combat. This is certainly a good move for them as there is only so many ways  you can manipulate catapult physics for it to continue being fun.

Comic Con Man Busted by Kickstarter RPG

This one is a win for the good guys. Just a nice pick me up for the last article wherein a Comic Art thief is caught by a vigilant Kickstarter Company.

On that note, thanks very much and have a great weekend! I will see you back here on Monday!