Tuesday, March 11, 2014

Orc Boyz Update


I finally managed to get some painting done after a VERY hectic week two weeks ago. This past week, however, I got in about two and a half hours to work on the Boyz. I decided that since I am lacking arms on a good portion of them, I would paint up the 10 that I had already started to paint to completion. That will give me 15 complete Orc Boyz. Then, once I get the necessary bits for the remaining part of the unit, I will work on them. So, here we go.

I decided to go over all of the brown areas again in order to darken the color and cover up any areas that may have dried thin enough to have the black primer show through. After this, I decided that I would spend my time focusing on getting the skin done. I liked what I did on the previous orcs, the ones that are already done, but wanted the highlights to pop a bit more on these so I went a little more in depth on these. I started with a nice coat of dark green.

The Setup With the color of Green used

After the second brown coat and the application of the dark green

Close up of the dark green
The dark green formed a nice base over the primer to add the next shade of green, which was considerably lighter than this. 

Lighter Shade of Green
After this, I put some ink wash on these models to get the deeper parts to pop.

Wash that I use

After the wash
Once this was completed, I began to work the models with a mixture of the lighter green and brown while inking in between each application. This would hopefully ensure that the crevices would be a nice, deep green with the highlights really popping out.

Selected colors for mixing

Results of first application
I think I did this around 3 or 4 times if I remember correctly and things came out pretty well.

Close Up after 3 or 4 paint / wash cycles

Another shot further away.
Once the experiment was completed on these three models, I proceeded to apply it to the whole unit. The remaining 7 didn't turn out as well as the original 3 as I had slept in between but they still turned out well.
The 10 Boyz together

10 boyz with a finished model in the back for reference

The 10 boyz spread out with a finished in the middle for reference
Next up is trying to do the leather / armor portions of the models. Will keep you posted and be sure to let me know what you think of the work so far!