Wednesday, March 19, 2014

Orc Boyz Painting Update


Apologies on the late post here but I will be putting this one up along with my session review today so we'll get two for the price of one. The goal with the Orc Boyz this past week was to try and see about making the leather look a bit better. I am not sure that I succeeded to be honest but I did manage to make the highlights pop a bit more with this method than I did with the old one. Pictures below.

The Setup
Once I got going, I touched up the brown a bit and added some wash over it to really darken up the deeper places in the model.

After the Wash

Agrax Earthsomething. It's the GW brown wash.
Once they had dried, I mixed together the dark brown I had been using with some khaki and yellow. I was really looking to create kind of a golden brown color for the leather by dry brushing the color over the dark brown inked with Agrax.

Mixing Elements

After the first application
After the first application, I added in a bit more of both yellow and khaki to continue to lighten the color.

Second Application
 For the third and final application I added more yellow, more khaki and about 2 or 3 drops of white to really get the highest details to pop.

Final result

Closeup of the final result
Welp, overall they look a little better than the original models. The deep places look better in contrast to the multi-layered highlights. I still don't think I ended up with what I had in my head to be honest but, it will do for now. Perhaps when I finish them and get some extra time, I can go back and try again.

Anyone out there know how to paint leather well?