Monday, March 10, 2014

The Crowd Source Mania Continues


Here we are back at Monday after what I hope was a relaxing weekend for all. Now that we are back to the grind, let's see what we can do to alleviate that gaming itch while we are all at our 9-5. What follows is another sampling of some games that look interesting on Kickstarter. I will also pass along updates each week on the campaigns mentioned in previous weeks. So, without further adieu, the Kickstarter campaigns for this week.


Gang Themed Card Drafting Game - 22,938 of 5,000 dollars - 4 days to go

Greed is a card drafting game set during the late 1960's in the height of the counter culture movement. In it your role is that of a mob boss looking to take over the entire city. The other players are rival mob bosses. You must look to invest in legal businesses to make additional money but can't be afraid to unleash your thugs on those that would try to thwart you. During play you draft actions such as theft etc, thugs which are assets that generate regular income and can be used as muscle and holdings which are legitimate business holdings that also generate regular income. However other players can attack your holdings in an attempt to take them over. The winner is the one with the most money at the end of the game. If you like the theme, jump on this one quick as it only has a few days left.

London 1888

Historical Turn Based Horror Game - 5,774 of 20,000 pounds - 22 days to go

This is a game that was originally printed in French and became a best seller in France in 2005. This Kickstarter is aiming to produce an English translated version of the game with updated rules and additional components. In it, you play a character that is investigating the murders that occurred in 1888 London. This is the time that Jack the Ripper that ran rampant and Scotland Yard was baffled. It seems as though this game is something like Clue on steroids mixed with Fury of Dracula. Needless to say, loving both of these games and being a history nut, this one appeals to me quite a bit.

Totally Medieval

Fantasy Themed Card Game for Kids - 600 of 5,500 dollars - 54 days to go

I put this game on here because of the story. So Ethan, this 5 year old kid, loves Knights and Dragons and math. So, his father, being the excellent dad that he sounds like, began making him a game based on these principals. You have Knights and Dragons of various strengths and it seems like the Dragons are not revealed at the beginning of the game. When they fight, the winner is the one with the most strength i.e.  the highest number. Also, there is mention of Clerics, Wizards etc so there may be some basic addition as you add up the strength of your adventuring party. Either way, this game would be awesome for the kiddos and has an excellent theme about it.

Game Developerz

Games Industry Card Game - 16,277 of 8,000 pounds - 25 days to go

In this game you take on the role of a video game studio CEO. The company that you choose to work for will provide you a special ability and a base source of income. From there, you hire your team of crack programmers, artists, marketing folks and game designers in a quest to create the greatest video game ever! Along the way you will need to play business development cards which seem like actions suited to messing up the other players and determine which features your game will have giving you the goals you will need in programming, art, marketing and game design. Random event cards will occur and can pose a serious threat to all of your careful planning forcing you to be on your toes as the game progresses. Special events will lend prestige to your project and the company who scores the most Beta Points, through completed features, spectacular reviews etc, will be declared the best Game Developer!

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