Wednesday, March 5, 2014

A Boy and His Mother Destroy the Pride of the Navy

Morning all!

 Last night was family game night at my place so we dug through the pile of board games that we own looking for one that the munchkin could play with us. After some careful consideration about whether or not we wanted to play CandyLand (the munchkin is 5) we decided to play a good, old classic; Battleship. I agreed to this game but decided that we should play the new version that the kiddo got for Christmas.

 We dug out U-Build Battleship and began to get ready to play. First we had to assemble all of the ships as they are all made from Lego pieces. I have to admit, I was pretty excited about this part and so was the kiddo. All of us love building Lego things so being able to build naval warships, even easy ones, was a great pleasure. Once all of the ships were built we set up the boards and began the game.

 I have never been very good at Battleship as I didn't even know the concept of firing pattern until I met my fiancée. She is a die heart, shoot you down dead until there is nothing but spilled oil and vacant seas kind of Battleship player. Needless to say it was her and the boy versus lowly ole me. It should be no surprise to anyone then that within the first 4 shots of the game, my submarine lay in Davy Jones' locker. I knew I was in for a rough time at that point. I kept on doing my random firing until I finally got lucky. Unfortunately by then I had already lost 2 or 3 ships.

 As the game progressed I managed to get a few more ships down before my entire fleet had been shot down in the seas like fish caught in a net. It all seemed too easy until I realized that I could employ the same tactics they do. So maybe next time, it won't be so bad of a loss...of course going better than 3 ships for 5 should be pretty easy regardless of how I play. All in all though it was an excellent time!

 Photo Dump Below:

Game box. I was the kid in red this game wondering "WTF? My fleet is gone?"

My initial setup. I thought it would be good. Not so much it turns out.

The opponent's initial setup. Had I known this, VICTORY would have been mine!

Four shots in. My shots are on the black thing below my board. This is going to be a long game.

Still keeping it cheerful despite the boy trying to Force Lightning me to death.

Two ships down and I only have two hits in on theirs.

Close to death now. They have pretty much zeroed in on my PT boat even though I stopped tracking their misses. This version of the game makes it difficult to do so.

Death comes to us all. Unfortunately it came too swiftly to me this game.
Thanks for reading!!