Tuesday, February 25, 2014

Painting Project One - Orc Boyz Unit


When I first began playing miniature wargames, at the beginning of college in 2000, I played Warhammer Fantasy. I had been a part of the university's Historical Miniatures Gaming group but only went to a couple of meetings where I played some bang up games of Fire and Fury. Good system and some good memories of charging my Union troops against a Confederate force stacked to defend and beating them back!

After the historical stuff, I found Warhammer, as most people seem to do at some point during their wargaming careers. I bought the sixth edition starter set that had the Orcs and Empire. Being human in all aspects, including gaming it seems, I chose to play the Empire while my bud played the Orcs. I played sixth for about 2 or 3 years and had a blast doing so. Unfortunately I had to sell off all of my minis to help pay for rent one month and I kind of fell out of the game.

Recently I have picked it back up though and have begun playing the Orcs; this in an attempt to not be the "boring humans" all the time. My fiancee is playing the Bretonnians and regularly stomps me beneath her army of horses.....er knights that is. Yes...knights. I have also begun to actually paint my models this time around as opposed to fielding the grey horde of death. Below are five models that I have already painted from the Orc Boyz unit.

5 Complete Orc Boyz

Now, the goal of this painting project is to complete the rest of the unit in the above manner. See pictures below for what I have gotten myself into.

10 Orc Boyz that have been started

15 Orc boyz that are missing arms and paint

This results in another 10 models to paint in the first picture and 15 in the bottom picture that need arms and painting. I will be updating this on a weekly basis to keep me honest with my current progress.

So, wish me luck! It's time to GET TO DA PAINTING!!!