Wednesday, February 26, 2014

Wednesday Morning News Reel

Morning All!

 I have compiled a few articles to kick this Wednesday morning in board gaming off in the right way!

Digital Moves to the Board

 For those that are like me and absolutely loved Mega Man as a child, and perhaps even to this day but have moved on from playing Nintendo or haven't but are looking for something to help freshen up the Mega Man twitch, look no further! Mega Man is being put out as a board game! I thought about kickstarting this when it was doing its initial funding but decided against it due to limited funds at the time. Luckily, the company is now taking pre-orders. So, if you need to itch the Mega Man itch, here is a way to do it.

Mega Man Board Game

In this same category are several other video games that are being transitioned to board games by Cryptozoic. This particular article is the news announcement of the Portal game's board game rendition. It also mentions that Assassin's creed will be made into a board game as well. Both should prove to be interesting but I was a little saddened to hear that a portal gun that defies the laws of physics wouldn't be included.

Cryptozoic Announces Portal Board Game

Restaurants Embrace Less Than Traditional Board Games

Lately there seems to be a growing movement by some businesses, mainly food places, to incorporate board games into the menu. What follows are several locations, one in the US and the rest in Vancouver, where the proprietors are either offering a discount on your food if you bring your games in to play or are providing the patrons with games to play during their meals. I think this is an excellent business idea and hope that some savvy entrepreneur opens one of these up near my home soon.

Instant Kickstarter Success!

It's not very often that a game on Kickstarter comes out and blows their goal away in an hour or less. It's only happened a hand full of times before Arcadia Quest did it again. I think that Kickstarter makes it easier for indie developers to get their games to the public allowing a greater variety of games to enter the market. Some of them are not so good while others are excellent titles. I will be following this one on Kickstarter not only because of the massive success so far, thus guaranteeing its release, but also because it looks like a genuinely awesome game!

Let me know your thoughts on these articles in the comments below and, as always, thanks for reading!